Easy integration.

Connect Tulip to third-party systems and databases to extend their power and functionality.


Tulip Connectors

Straightforward integration to augment your infrastructure.


Use a connector out of the box or write your own.


Keep control of your systems through a secure integration.


Deploy on your internal network or as a virtual machine.

Connect without headache.

Connect to your internal systems with Tulip’s Connector Host, a stand alone box on your internal network, or an internally managed Virtual Machine.

SQL Connectors

Keep control of your information with easy systems integration.

Safely connect your infrastructure and the Tulip platform without writing any code, with Tulip’s Connector Host.

Link to all your systems.

Push and pull data from across your systems, machines and people in a single place with database and API connectors.

HTTP Connectors

Access REST and SOAP endpoints to connect with third-party apps and web services.

SQL Connectors

Read and write from SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and OracleDB.

ERP Connectors

Connect with home-grown or third-party enterprise resource planning software.

MES Connectors

Connect with home grown or third-party manufacturing execution systems.

BI Connectors

Connect with third-party Business Intelligence systems.

IoT Connectors

Connect with sensors, smart tools, and other IoT enabled machinery.

Operator using IoT torque driver connected to Tulip at a bench

Enhance the capabilities of your ERP, MRP, and MES.

If you have an ERP or MES, you can make better use of them with manufacturing apps.

Real-time updates

Automatically update your ERP from the shop floor to know your real levels of inventory and usage, no transcription needed.

Live Data

Improve your planning and purchasing decisions with real-time data.


Tie all your assembly processes into one view using serialization to gain genealogy and traceability information.

Workforce Management

Manage your workforce more efficiently with better training and skills data.

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