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Operations Calling 2023: On-Demand Session Recordings

Operations Calling Future of Manufacturing is Now Session

Sessions From the Main Stage

  • The Future of Manufacturing is Now

    Over the last several years, the manufacturing software landscape has changed drastically due to a variety of factors — from increased cloud adoption to the continued blurring of tech stacks. Hear three industry leaders discuss the latest industry trends, and how manufacturers can remain resilient in the face of evolving challenges.

  • Policy in Practice: Overcoming the Latest Challenges Operators Face

    This panel will dig into the challenges facing today's operators and the practical applications of the latest policies — with perspectives from individuals across various levels, from practitioners to policy makers.

  • The Convergence of IT and OT: Building a Next-Gen Manufacturing Tech Stack

    In this panel discussion, hear from digital transformation leaders who have reimagined their technology stacks - building open, interconnected systems and working collaboratively with IT to ensure security and availability.

  • Driving Digital Transformation With an Open Ecosystem Approach

    In the manufacturing industry, we’re seeing a shift from an infrastructure in which one vendor provides a full stack of solutions to an ecosystem that drives collaboration across vendors with different strengths. Learn about the importance of open standards and an ecosystem approach in meeting customers’ latest digital transformation needs.

  • Future-Proof Your Operations With an Ecosystem Approach

    With an operational ecosystem that incorporates various solutions, partners, and systems, manufacturers can remain flexible and adaptable in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Learn why it's more important than ever to adapt an ecosystem approach — and how you can start building these valuable connections today.

  • From Strategy to Execution: Establishing a Governance Framework and a Center of Excellence

    Join us as we delve into the crucial elements of building a robust governance framework and COE that drive compliance, excellence, and operational efficiency. Gain invaluable insights, practical strategies, and real-world examples as industry experts guide you through the step-by-step process of establishing a governance-driven COE, and empowering your organization to navigate the intricacies of GxP

Life Sciences

  • Insights to GxP Implementation: Best Practices for Building Digital Solutions in Life Sciences Manufacturing

    Deploying digital tools in a GxP environment can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Join us as we uncover best practices that will empower your organization to confidently implement Tulip effectively with ease and confidence in any use case, including logbooks, eBR, eDHR, and more.

  • Demystifying Quality and Validation in Digital GxP Environments

    Join our discussion and gain invaluable insights into the best practices, challenges, and emerging trends surrounding quality and validation in the digital era. Empower your organization to navigate the intricacies of digital GxP environments while ensuring regulatory compliance and driving operational excellence.

Focus on the Frontline Worker

  • Winning the War for Talent: How to Turn Your Frontline Workforce into a Competitive Advantage

    Today’s manufacturers are being hit particularly hard with workforce challenges as a wave of experienced experts retire and a new workforce enters that is more tech-savvy (and prone to stay at jobs for a shorter tenure). Learn how you can leverage digital augmentation to break the cycle of constantly recruiting and training new talent.

  • How to Keep Citizen Development from Turning Into Pandora's Box

    Tulip's approach to governance means IT leaders can centralize control over application changes and version control without slowing down citizen development. Join this session to find out how.

AI in Operations

  • Our World is Changing: Generative AI and the Future of Frontline Operations

    Generative AI gets a lot of attention these days and it is hard to distill what's hype and what's not. Hear from industry experts and practitioners about the impact of GenAI on operations and see Tulip's vision for leveraging Generative AI technology to augment, not replace, your people on the frontlines.

General Manufacturing

  • Moving to the Cloud: Why Not All Cloud-Based Solutions are Created Equal

    A modern, cloud-native architecture is essential for future-proofing your manufacturing tech stack. Why is that? In this lightning talk, hear from Technology Operations experts as they break down how modern architectures unlock composability, availability, and resilience, and how to choose cloud-based solutions that complement your operations – now and in the future.

  • Profit as a Guiding Structure: Prioritizing Value in Digital Transformations

    People, process, profit! Identifying what projects to work on in what order and providing justification as to why are not easy tasks. In this fireside chat, hear from a consultant, entrepreneur, and Manufacturing Hub podcast co-host as he discusses the importance of listening to frontline operators, determining the financial impact of transformations, and capturing that value.

Tulip Product

  • Tech stack deep dive: A closer look at Tulip's low-code framework and the tools that play a role

    You heard from industry experts on how to build a next-gen manufacturing tech stack. But what are some of the Tulip low-code capabilities and third-party tools that help you create that integrated stack? Join this session to take a closer look.

  • Designing Software With Frontline Workers in Mind

    When it comes to introducing new industrial operations software across your organization, operator engagement is critical. Learn how to take an approach to product design that prioritizes (and optimizes!) the frontline worker experience.