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AutomationDirect QMIC-0P-0F

The QMIC-0P-0F is a photoelectric sensor, rectangular, retroreflective, infrared light emission, 0.1-7m sensing distance, selectable light-on/dark-on, adjustable, PNP, 3-wire, 4-pin M8 quick-disconnect.


  • Specifications

    • Item: Photoelectric sensor
    • Shape: Rectangular
    • Housing Size: 21 x 12.8 x 31.2mm
    • IP Rating: IP67
    • Housing Material: Plastic
    • Sensing Method: Retroreflective
    • Operating Voltage: 10-30 VDC
    • Number of Wires: 3
    • Switching Output: PNP
    • Sensing Distance: 0.1-7m
    • Sensitivity: Adjustable
    • Operation Mode: Selectable light-on/dark-on
    • Frequency Response: 2 kHz
    • Light emission: Infrared
    • Connection: 4-pin M8 quick-disconnect
    • Additional Information: Purchase cable separately
    • CE Certified

    This device uses the Generic IO Driver in Tulip.

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