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Our latest demos from the Tulip Experience Center

See the latest in integrated, human-centric technology for any manufacturing environment featuring augmented workflows, robotics, hands-free headsets, computer vision, and machine and edge connectivity.

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Tulip Experience Center Walkthrough

Explore Tulip's Experience Center with our on-demand demo videos

See how Tulip's flexible, scalable platform can help you create agile, user-friendly, and future-proofed solutions for any environment.

Inside the Tulip Experience Center
  • Equip the Frontline

    Get inspired with ideas about implementing integrated, human-centric solutions.

  • Solve Challenges

    Learn how others have designed creative solutions to the most pressing challenges.

  • Boost Productivity

    See what is possible with integrated solutions and how they can transform operations.

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Assembly, Tracking, & Inspection with Cognex

    This demonstration shows how manufacturers can streamline frontline operation workflows such as assembly and inspection and automate tracking – eliminating potential mistakes and boosting productivity.

  • Inventory Management with Tulip

    In this video, we'll demonstrate how a manufacturer can use Tulip to improve their inventory management using an integrated system of apps, dashboards, and IoT devices.

  • Quality Inspection with Stanley Black & Decker

    In this demo, we partnered with Stanley Black and Decker to show you a real-world example of how we can implement standardized, best-in-class quality inspection apps across your facilities.

Life Sciences

  • Guided Weigh & Dispense with Logbooks

    This demonstration highlights how an operator can be guided through a weigh and dispense process, minimizing errors and reducing the burden of compliance.

  • Hands-Free Batch Processing Workflow for Glove Box & Logbooks

    In this demonstration, we see how guided work instructions on a RealWear headset and connected devices allow someone to complete and properly document a task in a glove box on their own.

Machine Assembly and Monitoring

  • Spindle Line Assembly & Inspection with DMG Mori

    In this joint demonstration, we see how DMG Mori dramatically improved their machine spindle production line to increase production visibility, product quality, and worker efficiency with operator augmentation and workflow automation.

  • Machine Monitoring with DMG Mori

    This demonstration showcases a real-time dashboard showing machine statuses and KPIs of multiple DMG Mori machines – enabling visibility into performance and potential machine issues.

  • Anomaly Detection with Tulip Labs

    In this demo, we’ll show how Edge IO analog monitoring can unlock insights into your machines, such as detecting anomalies in machine performance.

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