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What does a growing team set out to disrupt an industry need? The support to get stuff done, well.

The Operations organization at Tulip is here to drive the business forward by taking care of the culture, people, processes, and systems needed to support Tulip’s growth.

No day is the same on the Ops teams. As Tulip becomes the leader in Frontline Operations, all teams across Tulip are scaling up and skilling up. Ops teams help solve new problems and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Sound like your ideal day? Come join us!

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How Operations & People Ops Help Tulip Succeed

  • People Operations

    People Operations support the experience of people at Tulip. Collaborate with everyone to make life and work as smooth, efficient, fun and productive as possible. Garden the culture and grow the team.

  • Talent

    We oversee the recruiting process from start to finish. We partner with hiring managers to identify, evaluate and select high-potential candidates. We prioritize each candidates experience and serve as ambassadors of Tulip’s employer brand.

  • Operations

    Our Ops team is Tulip's swiss army knife. Responsible for the entire workplace environment in this hybrid/distributed world. We focus on putting the right amount of systems, processes and structures in place for scale without overburdening, so that the entire Tulip team can all GSD,W.

  • IT

    IT builds and supports the technology infrastructure used by Tulip employees to get work done. We’re responsible for managing and improving company-wide digital systems, office networking, employee devices, and any other technology needs for Tulipians.

  • Legal

    Our legal department provides advice to the teams across Tulip to minimize legal risks and costs, ensure legal compliance, and help get stuff done efficiently and well.

  • Finance

    Our finance team serves as a strategic partner to all teams at Tulip, building processes, scaling the critical functions necessary to support our growth, driving operational rigor, and so much more.

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"What I like most about Tulip is our culture of continuous improvement and the bias for action. It means I get to work alongside people everyday who are curious, collaborative and committed to get stuff done well."

- Kelsey Zeswitz, People Operations

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