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Our Product & Engineering team is democratizing the manufacturing software landscape

In an industry riddled with legacy solutions, we’re building a new platform to support the future of manufacturing. Our teams are driven by customer feedback as they develop the vision for the Tulip platform, and our culture emphasizes relentless improvement, cross-functional and collaborative work, and ownership from day one.

We are not just creating software — we are reshaping the future of manufacturing around the world.

3 product designers gathered around a laptop collaborating on a design

How Our Product & Engineering Teams Help Tulip Succeed

  • Build

    Empower our customers, whether they're proficient in coding or not, to create and manage composable applications with an intuitive lifecycle at scale. Develop new features and tooling that act as value multipliers for our users, expanding the Tulip platform’s impact globally.

  • Edge

    Connect, configure, and contextualize our customer’s operations, machines, and systems. Design the hardware and software that connects all our customers’ employees and machines to Tulip.

  • Insights

    Extract insights from operations data by leveraging the use of advanced analytics, computer vision, and machine learning applications.

  • Platform

    Developer tools, observability, and core building blocks of cloud application.

  • Tech Ops

    Responsible for the systems and tools used to develop, run and monitor Tulip software and services. Oversee the health, delivery, and runtime operation of our SaaS.

  • Product Design

    Design a flexible platform that empowers users, regardless of their background, to build powerful interfaces that solve their problems. Partner with Product Managers and Engineers to deliver experiences that are intuitive, inclusive, and well-informed.

  • Product Management

    Work cross-functionally with our Product Designers and Engineers to create roadmaps and deliver new features. Oversee and drive the product development process, from conception to launch.

  • Customer Support, Quality Assurance, Technical Program Management, and Internal Data

    Keep customers happy and quality high, enable development flow, and leverage our data and insights to make decisions.

Headshot of Jake Rigos smiling

"Working tightly with an outstanding team of engineers, having a direct impact on the product, and seeing the value we create for our customers every day makes me proud to be a part of this team. I love having the freedom to tackle problems proactively and find creative solutions to them."

- Jake Rigos, Product Manager

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