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MES and traditional monolithic systems are a thing of the past

Companies are exploring new ways to solve their needs for improved efficiency and productivity. Our Commercial team helps promote Tulip by identifying customer needs and driving efficient execution across their sites.

As a group of high-level problem solvers, our Commercial team emphasizes collaboration with clients to realize the potential of their frontline operations.

Join a team on the cutting edge of digital transformation for an industry desperate for innovation.

Tulip salesperson socializing at an industry event

How Our Commercial Team Helps Tulip Succeed

  • Sales

    The sales organization at Tulip knows that to be successful, you need to be able to help your customers solve problems and grow their business quickly. We build strong relationships with our customers and sell a product that is designed to adapt to their needs no matter where they are on their digital transformation journey.

  • Services

    Tulip’s Services team helps guide customers through every step of their Tulip adoption journey. Our team works directly with manufacturing engineers and frontline operators to identify pain points and seamlessly integrate our platform across their manufacturing environment with a goal of accelerating adoption and digital transformation.

  • Pre-Sales Engineering

    The Pre-Sales Engineering team is responsible for helping prospects understand Tulip. We translate the problems they are having into comprehensive solutions to address their needs and win their trust while securing Tulip's technical win within an organization. Our team provides a technical perspective while getting prospects excited with our solutions and our technology, solving pain points first!

  • Customer Success

    The Customer Success team builds lasting relationships with Tulip’s customers, combining the power of the Tulip platform with customer industry knowledge and the ability to see and represent customer perspectives. We are a data and process driven team, enabling customers to gain value and expand their use of Tulip.

  • Go-to-Market Ops

    The Go-To-Market Operations team supports Tulip's growth with curated, data-driven, and strategic insights. Be it understanding our total addressable market through segmentation, arming our sales reps with competitive analysis and tools, or tapping into new potential revenue streams with ROI analysis, GTM Ops touches all aspects of the Lead to Customer journey and more.

Tulipian assembling a product at workstation

"With continuous improvement being at the core of so much of what we do, folks show up every day looking for ways to make processes better, improve the product, improve themselves, and most importantly, improve the folks around them."

- Kailey Crothers, Pre-Sales Engineering Lead