We are excited to announce that on June 22, 2023, at 11:00 AM EST, we will be streaming the Workflows, Elevated: Automations Launch Event in a virtual session to give our users their first look at Automations in Tulip.

Automations are a new Tulip capability that enable you to run logic in the background of your manufacturing operations to make your people more efficient, accurate, and productive, and enable app builders to build solutions faster.

Over the course of an hour and a half, sessions will introduce the new feature, explaining how it works, and why Tulip built Automations for human-centric workflows. During these sessions, attendees will learn how to leverage Automations to streamline their operations and enhance their team's capabilities.

We hope that you leave the event feeling inspired and excited to use Tulip Automations Beta as a new tool to unlock growth and innovation!

How Digital Tools Give Engineers Back Their Time

The virtual event will commence with a keynote from the Head of Product, Erik Mirandette. Erik will introduce and explain how Tulip aims to help solve complex operational problems faced by engineers and process owners. You will gain an understanding of the foundational decisions behind Automations, and how it complements the vision of our platform.

Later in the event, a special video episode of Behind the Ops will feature a conversation with Natan Linder and Madilynn Angel on the state of human-in-the-loop Automation in manufacturing, and why reducing cognitive load and non-value added time is essential for the success of teams across an operation.

For some suggested reading, we recommend checking out “A Smarter Strategy for Robots” to see how the largest teams in the world are learning to marry productivity and flexibility, to keep humans in the loop.

Visual graphic interface for creating drag and drop manufacturing logic

Automations, Unveiled

The star of the show is, of course, Automations. Pete Neylan, the Product Manager for Automations will dive into the specifics of the new capabilities and value Automations will bring to your operations. You will have the opportunity to ask questions live and get answers from the team that built Automations.

Tulip’s Product Education team will walk through building your first Automation for a simple use case, and give a tour of how they will work within the platform. You might know them as the team behind Tulip University and Tulip Knowledge Base.


Our Sales Engineering team will also explain how Tulip’s machine monitoring capabilities work with Automations, to help you continue to minimize downtime and manage your machines efficiently.

Additionally, we will share some insights from the perspective of an early user who has been testing Automations from the past few weeks, and hear how they are thinking about using the feature in their operations.

We hope to see you on June 22, 2023

In conclusion, the virtual event will provide Tulip users with an understanding of Tulip Automations and how it can help streamline their operational processes.

After the event, we hope you will leave with a better understanding of what sets Tulip’s exciting new capabilities apart from other third-party automation tools, and why we believe it is the right tool for your reimagined operations technology stack.


We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been building, and encourage you to register now at the link below to watch us share Automations for the first time. Can’t make it to the stream? We will be sure to share the recording and let you know when Automations will be available.

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screen mockup of a visual logic builder in Tulip