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Workflows, Elevated: Automations Launch Event

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Tune in as we unveil Automations in Tulip, a new capability that enables you to run logic in the background of your manufacturing operations, making your people more efficient, accurate, and productive.

  • About the event:

    Automations will change the way teams use the platform and we are excited to share how it can benefit your operations.

    Hear from the Tulip team about how you can leverage Automations to streamline your workflows and when they will be available to you, as well as why tools like Tulip can give back time to engineers to focus on solving real problems.

    The event is 55 minutes long. Weren't able to make it? Watch the recording by filling out the form above.

  • What you will gain:

    App Builders will learn how Automations are a powerful new tool that can help you perform more tasks, reduce errors, and achieve higher levels of quality in your processes.

    Teams interested in Tulip can hear how Automations help businesses achieve operational excellence by streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies.

  • What you will see:

    • Join a keynote about how modern tools improve efficiency for engineers and give them time back

    • Learn from a Tulip user about how Automations are already transforming workflows

    • See how Tulip Automations can be built and applied to your use cases

    • Get your questions answered by Tulip product leaders


  • a portrait of Erik Mirandette

    Keynote: Giving Back Time

    Hear a keynote from Erik Mirandette, Head of Product at Tulip on how modern tools can improve efficiency for engineers.

  • a portrait of Pete Neylan

    Introducing Automations

    Learn about the work that went into building Automations, and what new functionality they bring to Tulip with Pete Neylan, Product Manager at Tulip.

  • a portrait of Yuji Chan

    Thoughts from an Early User of Automations

    Join Tulip Product Designer Yuji Chan as she speaks with an early user of Automations, and they discuss how the user’s team is making the most of Automation’s in their workflows.

  • A portrait of Lianna Churchill outside

    Automations Walkthrough

    Watch Lianna Churchill of the Product Education team at Tulip build a simple Automation, and get a tour of the new Automations Editor interface and features.

  • a portrait of Kailey crothers

    Automations and Machine Monitoring Deep Dive

    Hear from Pre-sales Engineering Lead Kailey Crothers about the value of using Automations and Machine Monitoring together in Tulip.

  • Cover art for behind the ops podcast

    Augmenting Digital Workflows with Behind the Ops

    Listen in as Madi Angel, Head of Marketing at Tulip, and Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip, and cohosts of Behind the Ops podcast, discuss the value of automating simple tasks to reduce cognitive load.

  • a portrait of Pete Neylan


    Get your questions about Automations answered from the team that built them!

  • A portrait of Jasmine Chan

    How to get started with Automations

    Wrap up the session with Jasmine Chan on our Customer Marketing team for an overview of when Automations Beta will be available, and what resources you’ll have to start seeing value from Automations in Tulip.

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