An essential part of any trade show is meeting people, connecting with peers, and learning from their real-world stories. Manufacturers share many enduring challenges. While each manufacturer has a unique situation and requires custom solutions to most appropriately address their challenges, learning from the success stories of others may reveal important insights or bring inspiration that can assist with building your own solutions.

Tulip has helped many companies solve their challenges and digitally transform their operations. In addition to a flexible and scalable platform for process optimization, Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform also features powerful integration with AWS, making it even easier to gain visibility, drive continuous improvements, and empower citizen developers and users closest to the operations. As part of ITMS 2022, the Tulip team will be showcasing three customer success stories of Tulip Platform utilization in the AWS Theater at Booth #134764, East Building, Level 3.

Driving Operational Excellence at Ultra Clean Technologies presented by Jason Dietrich, Head of Commercial Operations

With hundreds of sub-assemblies, Ultra Clean Technologies (UCT) required end-to-end traceability with an MES to meet the exacting quality standards demanded by their OEM customers while also improving operator experience. They decided to partner with Tulip to create solutions to rapidly address these issues on the production floor. With Tulip, UCT implemented intuitive interfaces and maintained flawless execution using pick-to-light, helping operators get it right the first time and reduce defect rate.

Jason’s presentation will be on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 11:00am CST.

Unlocking Insights with Democratized Edge Connectivity at Cartier presented by Natan Linder, Co-Founder and CEO

With complex tasks from casting to assembly and setting stones and thousands of product SKUs, Cartier faced the challenge of ensuring product quality and preventing material escapes. With Tulip, Cartier provided operators with intuitive apps to seamlessly access multiple systems and edge connectivity – automating data collection from specialized machines. In addition to reducing errors, Cartier was able to collect data – giving them full traceability of parts and materials to prevent escapes and insights to improve production.

Natan’s presentation featuring Cartier will be on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 1:30 PM CST.

Rolling Out Greenfield Production Lines with Next-Gen MES at Piaggio Fast Forward presented by Natan Linder, Co-Founder and CEO

As Piaggio Fast Forward moved their robot gita from a prototype to a production system, they needed to build their processes from the ground up. With Tulip, PFF provided up-to-date instructions at each stage of assembly and subassembly. They were able to generate, use, and trace data through their entire operation, at every step of the process – allowing educated decisions. PFF can react quickly to changes and continuously improve – crucial for establishing a new production line.

Natan’s presentation on PFF’s production line will be on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 2:00 PM CST

We hope to see you at IMTS 2022. Don’t forget to check out Tulip’s other appearances at IMTS and our interactive demos experience at booth # 134748.

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