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After a two-year hiatus due to the global pandemic, the Digital Factory conference, hosted by Formlabs, is returning to Boston in person on May 3rd, 2022, to showcase and discuss the emerging systems and technologies needed to create a more resilient workforce and supply chain. As a co-sponsor, we will be building a pop-up factory, exhibiting our technology at our booth, and joining a panel discussion on upskilling through automation.

If you had been to Digital Factory 2019, you would know that the conference was great fun and a fantastic experience. The event provided a space for manufacturing professionals to try out the latest technologies, connect with their peers, and discuss the growing importance of digitization in manufacturing. Additionally, the pop-up factory allows you to bring that discussion out of the conference room and into your actual operations. Within a short 24 hours, we built a pop-up factory that utilized all the technology showcased at the conference to design, develop and assemble a complete product–a testament to the power of technology in mobilizing and transforming manufacturing.

Even though we know no factories will need to be set up in such a short time, it’s the perfect opportunity to illustrate the level of agility that technology can bring to your operations. The last two years have made this topic even more relevant and pressing–agility and innovation mean survival for manufacturing companies in this changing environment. When appropriately implemented, technologies can augment your human workers’ capabilities and help companies move faster and scale their operations.

To showcase that, we will be partnering with Formlabs, Autodesk, Vention, and Realwear to bring back the pop-up factory at Digital Factory 2022. Besides interactive demos at our booth, you will have the opportunity to build, assemble, and take home a Qi charger to power your mobile devices wirelessly. By blending technologies like 3D printing and advanced automation and connecting them all through Tulip’s Frontline Operations Platform, we can help guide participants through the work process and successfully produce a quality Qi charger.

Once you have stopped by our booth and experienced the pop-up factory at Digital Factory 2022, don’t forget to attend the panel discussion with our CEO and Co-Founder, Natan Linder, at 1:30 pm on May 3. Natan will be joining Etienne Lacroix‍, CEO at Vention and Andrew Chrostowski, CEO at Realwear, to discuss how manufacturing professionals can upskill through automation.

From interactive demos to first-hand experience at the pop-up factory and informative panel discussion, Digital Factory 2022 is a full package. We are excited to be there and we hope to see you soon! If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, use code TDFTulip25 to get 25% off your Digital Factory ticket today.

See you at Digital Factory 2022.

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