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We built a factory in 24 hours.

Sound crazy? We thought so too.

Tulip at a digital factory conference in Boston

Being able to move fast and be agile is increasingly becoming a strategic advantage for manufacturers in a world where change is the only constant and competition is as fierce as ever.

To illustrate how emerging digital technologies let manufacturers move faster than ever before, we decided to put together a ‘pop-up factory’ with Formlabs, Vention, RightHand Robotics, and AWS, leaders in digital manufacturing technology.

Tulip's Partners

Thank you to Vention, Formlabs, RightHand Robotics, and AWS for helping make this event a success.

vention bench prototype on tablet

From prototype

Using Vention’s made-to-order bench system, we designed benches to our specifications and received the parts, ready to assemble.

app editor from digital factory pop up

To app

Building the Tulip apps for the demo was truly an agile effort – test, iterate, repeat.

To building

Fortified by caffeine, our intrepid team of engineers worked tirelessly to assemble the pieces at the conference site.

Timelapse of team building digital factory

To game day

Over 500 visitors built their own custom radios (provided by The Public Radio) with Formlabs parts, using Tulip apps (running on AWS Cloud), built on Vention benches and assisted by RightHand Robotics (whew!).

Building a simple radio using Tulip work instructions app

Download the E-book

Learn how we built a Pop-up Factory in 24 hours with Formlabs, Vention, RightHand Robotics, AWS, and The Public Radio.

Day-in-the-life of a manufacturing facility illustration