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Applications are core to the Tulip platform. These out-of-the-box apps were built by Tulip for our users, with many different use cases in mind. You can configure them to meet your needs, or customize them further with the endless capabilities of the Tulip app builder. We release new apps to the library on a bi-weekly cadence and are excited to share the 12th release of apps and updates:

  • Pick-to-Light: Guides activities and helps reduce errors with a pick-to-light system.
  • Simple Dynamic Work Instructions: Pull up a task, or any kind of reference material linked to a specific product.



The Pick-to-Light app allows end users to scan a part number, pull up the BOM, and light up the correct items using the integrated pick-to-light system. Using the app, you can configure the bin size, color and behavior of your light guide system through an intuitive web interface.

This app is compatible with the Tulip Light Kit.

Try the Pick to Light app here →

Simple Dynamic Work Instructions


The Simple Dynamic Work Instructions app allows you to pull up a task, or any kind of reference material that is linked to a specific product.

Try the Simple Dynamic Work Instructions app here →

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