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It seems every blog and email these days starts with some statement about COVID-19 and the global crisis that is ensuing.

It is on everybody’s mind and the implications are dire in any way you look at it. So rather than dwell in the crisis we at Tulip are focusing our collective creativity on places where we can maybe help.

Since Tulip is a manufacturing app platform that enables productivity, and since most of the manufacturing operations in the world are at a standstill, it might seem as if we don’t have much to do.

Not true when you look at companies that manufacture critical supplies for health care, viral test kits, medical equipment and, of course, COVID-19 therapies. These are regulated industries where time-to-market has always been a critical component of the business.

The Tulip platform is all about speed, which we feel is where we can help.

Finding Hidden Capacity

For the medical device manufacturers including viral test kits and medical equipment such as ventilators, it is about manufacturing volumes. Manufacturers’ supply chains are stretched to the limit and they need to increase production volumes 2 to 3 times.

This brings focus on OEE, an area that Tulip’s machine monitoring solution can be of critical importance. Now OEE is not new. Nor are the solutions that monitor OEE. What the Tulip solution can provide is speed of implementation and, more importantly, a human-centered view to understand how human activity and operation impacts OEE. We call it Overall Process Effectiveness, or OPE.

Increasing Productivity in GMP Environments

When it comes to therapies for COVID-19, the main challenge in Time-to-Market has to do with the lengthy regulatory approval process and then the tech transfer and manufacturing scale-up.

These processes are slow and involve a lot of human activity. Productivity can be increased by digitizing documentation and enabling human activity with easy to use Apps. This includes digital work instructions and SOPs, digital logbooks, digital line clearance and setup, and even digital history records. The Tulip platform provides a way to digitize your paper driven processes in a matter of hours.

Yes, we know this is a paradigm shift. But it is in times of crisis where change is easiest – we can’t afford to wait.

So the question is how we at Tulip can do something to make a significant impact on this crisis?

Well, simply put, we would like to offer our services and software to these manufacturing companies free of charge. We will provide access and use of the Tulip platform at no cost to help companies increase production volumes and bring therapies faster to market. The Tulip platform is GMP ready and is validated for use in regulatory environments.

We are ready to help you help the world with COVID-19 pandemic. The Tulip manufacturing practice that has unique expertise in regulated manufacturing will personally support any such initiatives.