Create Shopfloor Apps

Create digital manufacturing apps that integrate operator and machine data.

Assembly App

Built for Your Operations

No matter the industry, Tulip gives you the tools to continuously improve.

Build shopfloor apps that:

  • Turn static work instructions into dynamic processes
  • Connect peripheral devices and machinery
  • Integrate ERP and MES systems
  • Collect data on every part of the job
  • Connect the entire team
  • Ensure compliance with your SOPs
Quality App

Gather Data and Ensure Quality

Tulip unifies the silos that trap your data, making operations more responsive to every part of the process.

Transform paper based QA into digital forms that:

  • Easily capture realtime sensor and machine data
  • Update shared analytics in realtime
  • Embed rich media and auxiliary information
  • Capture images to associate with any part of the report
  • Ensure a history of accountability

Flexibility to Build any Shopfloor App

Training App


Build apps for training that:

  • Reduce training time for new employees
  • Enable self-guided training
  • Include powerful messaging and alerting
  • Embed videos and other support media
  • Enable granular data collection for each trainee
Machine Operations

Manual and Machine Operations

Build apps for machine operations that:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Visually guide operator's tasks
  • Safeguard error-prone operations
  • Connect machines to collect data
  • Allow visibility into machine quality issues
Factory Dashboards

Process Management

Build data-driven apps that:

  • Leverage real-time data
  • Connect to ERP and MES systems
  • Respond to user-defined data events
  • Collect sensor and machine data in real-time
  • Present and share live production and quality metrics