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Inline Quality Assurance

Improve quality by detecting, fixing and preventing defects at the source.


  • Goals


    • Minimize quality defects by identifying, fixing and preventing defects from moving downstream.
    • Reduce human error throughout your operations.
    • Minimize scrap and rework costs by detecting and fixing defects early in your operation.
    • Increase productivity and reduce costs by eliminating non-value added work on defective items.

  • Features


    • Guide operators through complex assemblies to prevent quality issues.
    • Incorporate photographs, videos, CAD drawings, and other multimedia to reduce operator mistakes.
    • Create interactive forms that allow workers to report and identify the cause of defects.
    • Receive SMS or Email alerts if quality thresholds are crossed.
    • Connect cameras, calipers, scales, and other IoT enabled devices to detect defective parts and prevent them from moving downstream.
    • Compare First Pass Yield rates by workstation, worker, materials and other variables to identify root-cause of defects.
    • Visualize quality trends in order to monitor the efficacy of quality assurance steps.

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