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Unlocking Human Potential in Frontline Operations with Composability and AI

From generative AI and computer vision to smart tools and connected devices, the latest manufacturing technologies have the promise to reshape the frontline of operations. Rather than automating away their workforce, manufacturers can unlock worker potential by augmenting them with these tools to drive efficiency and better experiences. Yet, these new digital innovations aren’t effectively reaching the shop floor.

The key is composability – an implementation approach that democratizes the implementation of these technologies. Composability gives manufacturers and frontline engineers the tools they need to own and deploy digital solutions that are human-centric, adaptable, and innovative.

In this session, we’ll discuss how composability is reshaping how manufacturers think about manufacturing production systems, including:

  • How a composable MES approach leveraging configurable building blocks can enable resiliency and accelerate time to value
  • Why the frontline engineer is the best developer of digital solutions for operators that incorporate AI computer vision and smart devices
  • How the legacy, monolithic MES limits how AI and other technology can be deployed


  • Head of Marketing | Tulip

    Madilynn Castillo

    Head of Marketing, Tulip

  • Chief Product and Engineering Officer | Tulip

    Mason Glidden

    Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Tulip