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Tradition Meets Innovation: Transforming Luxury Goods Manufacturing for the Digital Age

In an era marked by rapid market shifts and escalating challenges, luxury goods manufacturers stand at a crossroads. The need to be adaptable while preserving the essence of the craftsmanship that defines their brand has never been more critical.

Watch our recent webinar where we discuss the importance of shifting to an agile, digital-first shop floor — and how it’s easier to achieve than you might think for luxury goods manufacturers.

*Note: This webinar will be held in English. For those interested, we will be hosting this webinar in French on March 27th. Learn more and register here.

Industry experts, Marion Guillemot, Customer Solutions Engineer at Tulip, and Thierry Feuillerat, EMEA Account Executive at Tulip, discuss the unique hurdles luxury goods manufacturers face — from the lack of real-time production visibility and agility to implications from a constantly changing market — and how leading luxury brands are pioneering this path using digital solutions like Tulip on their shop floor.

What You Will Learn:

  • Confronting Today's Challenges: Gain insights into the unique obstacles that luxury goods manufacturers encounter, from the complexity of integrating new technologies on their shop floor to preserving the artistry that defines their brands.

  • Overcoming Barriers to Excellence: Learn about the systemic barriers that impede manufacturing agility and how to dismantle them to achieve unparalleled excellence and adaptability.

  • Strategic Solutions for Growth: Explore actionable strategies that can significantly enhance productivity, expedite operator training, reduce defects, and secure end-to-end traceability in your operations.

  • Real-World Examples: Get inspired by real-life case studies of luxury brands that have transformed their manufacturing processes — highlighting how they started, where they implemented digital solutions, and what quantifiable outcomes they achieved.

This webinar is more than a learning opportunity — it's a window into the future of luxury manufacturing. With Tulip, see firsthand how adaptable digital systems can guide your frontline teams, revolutionize your production processes, and set new standards for agility and excellence. Expect to leave with a clear understanding of how your brand can embrace innovation while staying true to its heritage, complete with actionable insights and proven strategies.


  • Marion Guillemot Customer Solutions Engineer,

    Marion Guillemot

    Customer Solutions Engineer,

  • Thierry Feuillerat EMEA Account Executive, Tulip

    Thierry Feuillerat

    EMEA Account Executive, Tulip