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The Path to Agility: How to Build a Composable MES

Wednesday, July 17th | 11:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM GMT

In a market that demands agility and rapid adaptation, manufacturers are leaning towards composable production systems in place of legacy Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to tackle their processes with adaptable solutions that address their specific needs.

Join our LinkedIn Live event to gain insights on why manufacturers are shifting to a composable approach and how they are building a truly composable MES with Tulip — offering a flexible, iterative, and tailored solution to improve your operations.

During this event, you’ll

  • Hear how deploying composable production systems can provide manufacturers with more value and adaptability, faster than traditional solutions

  • Learn how app-based MES solutions can support frontline workers and can accelerate time to value

  • Watch a demo on how to create a tailored MES with Tulip, offering quick implementation and better support for frontline workers.

  • See how Tulip customers are currently building out their own right-sized systems in as little as three months


  • Geoff Winkley Headshot

    Geoff Winkley

    Solutions Delivery Lead, Tulip

  • Natalia Gutierrez Headshot

    Natalia Gutiérrez

    Product Marketing Manager, Tulip