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Next-Level Manufacturing: Tech Evaluation Tactics for 2024

Wednesday, December 13th | 11:00 AM ET; 10:00 AM CT; 5:00PM CET

Mastering Manufacturing Tech Evaluations: The Missing Pieces in Your RFP Process

The manufacturing landscape is evolving rapidly — and with 2024 on the horizon, it’s time to rethink how you evaluate technology vendors. The traditional evaluation process (that usually includes RFP templates), often falls short in addressing the dynamic needs of modern manufacturing. And completing this process can take months, involving dozens of people — ultimately wasting valuable time and resources.

As we step into the new year, it's crucial to adopt a more holistic, agile approach to technology evaluation that aligns with your strategic goals and the problems you are trying to solve. Doing so will empower you to find the right tools to augment your workforce, which will in turn drive effective adoption.

Join us for a fireside chat and learn from industry veterans, Chris Dennig and Pablo Tosta, as they share insights and strategies to streamline your vendor evaluation process — ensuring you’re equipped to turn industry challenges into opportunities for growth.

They'll discuss:

  • Pitfalls: Learn why the legacy tech evaluation and RFP process is failing manufacturers when selecting technology — and see examples of limiting RFP requirements you might be using today.

  • Navigating Point Systems vs. Platforms: Dive into the differences and learn why a flexible approach is key in leveraging the full benefits of modern manufacturing technologies.

  • The Five Must-Ask Questions: Equip yourself with critical criteria to enhance your technology evaluation — ensuring you make informed, forward-thinking decisions.

  • Preparing for 2024: Tailor your evaluation process to align with your strategic objectives for the new year and beyond.

Interactive Session With Tailored Advice

This webinar includes an interactive Q&A segment — allowing you to gain personalized insights and advice on how to tackle 2024 planning and overcome any vendor evaluation challenges.

Join us to revolutionize your approach to manufacturing technology evaluation and learn how to step confidently into 2024 with a strategy that promises efficiency, agility, innovation, and growth.


  • Pablo-Tosta-Webinar-Speaker

    Pablo Tosta, Head of Solutions Engineering at Tulip

    Pablo Tosta has spent 18 years in the manufacturing industry and the last 8 years at the Head of Solutions Engineering at Tulip, helping companies successfully embrace digital and cultural transformation, by adopting digital tools and human-centric apps to improve their business outcomes and achieve their business objectives. Prior to joining Tulip, Pablo worked as a production engineer and plant manager.

  • Chris-Dennig-Webinar-Speaker

    Christopher Dennig, Advanced Manufacturing Leader at Fabric8 Labs

    Chris Dennig is an advanced manufacturing leader with experience in additive manufacturing, IIoT, no-code MES, and intelligent automation. He has worked for several companies with world-renowned manufacturing, including Tiffany & Co., Stanley Black & Decker, Desktop Metal, and Hitchiner Manufacturing – where part of his responsibilities involved leading technology evaluation projects.