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Meet Demand, Manage Change: Frontline-First Tools for Manufacturing Resilience

In fast-paced manufacturing environments where change is constant and on-time delivery is critical, the idea of investing time and resources into digitalization may feel daunting. But adopting human-centric digital systems that provide real-time production data is becoming increasingly critical to your ability to remain resilient in the face of industry disruption.

The team at Mack Molding transformed this challenge into an opportunity. By replacing paper with adaptable systems focused on empowering their operators and engineers, they were able to cut production lead times, shorten worker ramp-up times, stand up new lines faster, and achieve end-to-end real-time production visibility.

Join Scott Hodges, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Mack Molding, and Humberto Silva, Customer Success Manager at Tulip, for a fireside chat in which they’ll share learnings, insights, and recommendations for manufacturing leaders on the path to digitalization.

They will discuss:

  • Why Mack Molding decided to focus on upgrading their paper-based processes

  • How they leverage digital solutions to provide a better experience for their staff and stakeholders

  • The strategies they use to replicate success with new projects and shorten time to value

Register today and be sure to engage in a live Q&A following the session!


  • Scott Hodges Headshot

    Scott Hodges

    Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Mack Molding

  • Humberto Headshot

    Humberto Silva

    Customer Success Manager, Tulip