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Implementing Industry 4.0 for the Food and Beverage Industry

Despite being one of the oldest industries, the food and beverage industry is constantly changing and innovating. To stay competitive, leaders need to find ways to scale rapidly to meet changes in demand and adapt quickly to consumer behavior-- all while ensuring high quality products and avoiding recalls.

Join us as we discuss the trends in the ever-changing food and beverage market, the challenges manufacturing face, common root causes of recalls in the production line and how to improve operations by implementing industry 4.0.

During this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The state of the industry, along with goals and challenges
  • Common recall examples and the root cause in the production line
  • How Industry 4.0 can dramatically improve the production line visibility and error-proof operator workflows
  • Ways to implement industry 4.0 to achieve value quickly with less risk


  • Headshot of Sanjay Rajan

    Sanjay Rajan

    Head of Partner Ecosystem, Tulip
    20+ years experience of B2B Business Development, Domain expertise in MES, PLM, IoT and ML

  • Headshot of Jason Dietrich

    Jason Dietrich

    Head of Revenue, Tulip
    20+ years of B2B Sales Leadership for MES , IIoT, industrial edge computing

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