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How Leading Manufacturers are Building Factories of the Future

The biggest, best-resourced manufacturers in America still struggle to make the Industrial Internet of Things and other technologies work for them. Manufacturers in industrials, luxury goods, medical devices, and others embraced the tools available to build factories of the future, where leaders can make real-time data-driven decisions, adapt to everchanging disruptions, minimize waste, empower and retain their workforce, and most importantly, survive and scale.

How did they get past barriers like cost, complexity, and integration issues? How can you get a head start on your competition and avoid these pitfalls before they swallow your plans? What are world-class manufacturers doing and what can you learn from them?

Join industry veterans, Jason Dietrich and Erik Mirandette as they explore the new digital landscape for manufacturers building factories of the future.

During this webinar, they’ll discuss:

  • Characteristics of a factory of the future
  • Barriers preventing implementation and how to overcome them
  • 4 case studies of different, leading manufacturers and their journeys
  • What you should be requiring from your digital systems and solutions

We’ll provide a clear blueprint when starting or continuing your operations strategy to become a factory of the future.


  • Headshot of Erik Mirandette

    Erik Mirandette

    Head of Product and Ecosystem, Tulip

  • Headshot of Jason Dietrich

    Jason Dietrich

    Head of Commercial Operations, Tulip