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The Gaming Leader in Frontline Operations

Tulip Gaming

Learn how our gaming platform uses edge-connected technologies to increase employee engagement, reduce burnout, and ultimately improve productivity.

Why gaming in frontline operations?

Regular breaks are a necessary component of a healthy life balance and gamification keeps work fun and engaging. A quick round of a game can refresh your mind and improve your mood and prevent burnout. Some games even encourage you to be active. When it’s too late to have your third coffee of the day but too early to leave work, rejuvenate yourself with a game.

How does Tulip improve the gaming experience?

Our frontline operations gaming platform connects users, machines, and their favorite gaming accessories to enable operators to work hard and play hard.
  • Native Edge Connectivity

    With our edge devices like the Edge IO, you can utilize industrial devices and sensors alongside your favorite gaming accessories.

  • Integrated Computer Vision

    Track your snack and soda consumption rates and set your own triggers to alert you when snack levels are low.

  • Pick-to-Light Technology

    Button smash and win with our pick-to-light technology. You will hit the right buttons at the right time, every time.

What games are available with Tulip?


Not Ping Pong. Just Pong.


You are your own worst enemy.


Waka waka waka.

Don’t worry, we aren’t completely serious.

Learn more about Tulip’s Frontline Operations and see what is actually possible.

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