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Tulip Trust Center

Availability & Reliability

Our cloud-based platform is used by hundreds of enterprise organizations across the globe. Ensuring high availability and data integrity is a top priority for Tulip.

Tulip’s cloud-native architecture was designed for microservices from day one, leveraging the latest cloud technology. Our cloud hosting partners maintain an uptime of 99.9% or higher.

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  • Redundancy

    All Tulip production data is replicated across availability zones within the same regions. We also backup to paired disaster recovery regions.

  • Daily Data Back-Up

    Using a hosted backup solution, all data is backed up daily in at least two separate locations.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Tulip comes with 1-minute recovery point objective (RPO) and 15-minute recovery time objective (RTO).

Options for 0-RPO

For Gxp Customers, Tulip offers built-in data integrity for zero data loss in case of a disaster. Minimize the risk of the loss of mission-critical data, such as for eBR and eDHR, with Tulip’s innovative approach to zero RPO, leveraging the best of containerization and the cloud.

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Cloud Deployment Options

  • AWS or Microsoft Azure

    Choose between deploying your instance in AWS and Microsoft.

  • AWS GovCloud

    Tulip offers the option to use AWS GovCloud for manufacturers that need to comply with ITAR and EAR.

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