Tulip Training Apps

Start off on the right foot.

Whether you’re training a new employee, process, product, or tool, build a firm foundation for your team with intuitive and effective training apps.

Save resources

Eliminate the need to dedicate full-time resources for training.

Save time

Speed up ramp-up processes with standardized apps that allow employees to learn on their own.

Improve Productivity

Better training means better work.

Let Tulip be your training buddy.

Reduce training times and costs by eliminating the need of a training buddy, enabling self-guided training, and standardizing and automating the training flow.

Work instruction app created in Tulip app designer

Improve the way you train with manufacturing apps.

Training apps are as easy to use as they are to make. Customize our app templates to fit your needs or build your own apps from scratch through an intuitive drag and drop interface.

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Better, faster, stronger–do it with data.

Let Tulip’s powerful analytics guide you to a better training system. With Tulip, you can automatically collect all the metrics you care about and access them in real-time.

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Analytics Dashboard
Compare cycle times before and after initiatives are implemented to see their effect.
Monitor your training programs to ensure the right skills are being taught to the right people.
Identify and fill skill gaps in your shop floor by looking at process completion data.

Let your IoT devices help you.

Easily connect your IoT, machines and systems to your training apps to lend a helping hand.

Learn more about shop floor IoT

Operator using IoT torque driver connected to Tulip at a bench

Light Kit & Break Beam

Illuminate the right parts during the right steps with our Light Kit and break beam.

Camera integrations

Connect cameras for inspection and defect recording tasks.

Smart tools

Program smart tools to perform to exact specifications to mistake-proof manual operations.


Connect your break-beams, temperature, and humidity sensors to detect and solve issues faster.

Start your journey with ready to use App Templates.

We’ve built a growing number of Training App templates you can use to start implementing lean best practices on your shop floor.

Training is a team effort.

Collaborate with your team to drive your training efforts forward.

For Operators

Self-guide through tasks and learn new processes on their own.

For Supervisors

Analyze training data and reiterate where needed to improve team performance.

For Leadership

Increase productivity by not having to dedicate full time resources to training.

  • There’s an environment that’s constantly changing … people working from home, from offices, around the country. This software, because it’s cloud-based, allows us to form these operations really quickly.
    Engineering Manager, Lightspeed Manufacturing
  • The manual collection of information really wasn't providing enough data for us to make data- driven decisions. On my own, I was able to create apps that really drive process improvements and help increase efficiencies without needing a support team of IT. 
    Senior Process Engineer, Nautique
  • I was quickly able to create apps that improve the quality and efficiency of my operations, without having to write any code.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • Production has gone up. With the analytics we are able to see the timing per step for each and every part in order to identify the bottleneck and concentrate on that individual step.
    Manufacturing Engineer, Techniplas
  • Operators are excited with this new technology. I was able to design a pretty easy interface to reduce the amount of clicks to input the data on our traditional Material handling system. Training of new operators takes less time. And today we are capable of having real data with real evidence from our process that helps our operators have more visibility of issues and fixes by using Tulip.
    Sr. Process Engineer, Dentsply

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