Tulip Training Apps

Start off on the right foot.

Whether you’re training a new employee or introducing a process, product, or tool, build a firm foundation for your team with intuitive and effective training apps.

Save resources

Eliminate the need to dedicate full-time resources for training.

Save time

Speed up ramp-up processes with standardized apps that allow employees to learn on their own.

Improve Productivity

Better training means better work.

Let Tulip be your training buddy.

Reduce training times and costs by eliminating the need of a training buddy — enable fully traceable, self-guided training and standardize and automate the training flow.

Quiz operators, update permissions, and track training completions.

Administer and track operator skill level with interactive feedback. Supervisors can monitor completion, generate certifications, standardize new employee training, track skill gaps, and provide targeted training.

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Better, faster, stronger–do it with data.

Let Tulip’s powerful analytics guide you to a better training system. With Tulip, you can automatically collect all the metrics you care about and access them in real-time.

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Analytics Dashboard
Compare cycle times before and after initiatives are implemented to see their effect.
Monitor your training programs to ensure the right skills are being taught to the right people.
Identify and fill skill gaps in your shop floor by looking at process completion data.

Let your IoT devices help you.

Easily connect your IoT, machines and systems to your training apps to lend a helping hand.

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Operator using IoT torque driver connected to Tulip at a bench

Light Kit & Break-Beam

Illuminate the right parts during the right steps with our Light Kit and break beam.

Camera integrations

Connect cameras for inspection and defect recording tasks.

Smart tools

Program smart tools to perform to exact specifications to mistake-proof manual operations.


Connect your break-beams, temperature, and humidity sensors to detect and solve issues faster.

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