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Tulip and ZeroKey Enable Hyper Accurate Production Traceability and Visibility with Quantum RTLS™.

MAY 31, 2022, SOMERVILLE, MA - Demonstrated at Hannover Messe, Tulip integrated ZeroKey’s real-time location system (RTLS) technology with Tulip apps for automating material flow alerts and analyzing spatial events in a production environment. Having precise real-time position tracking in an operation reduces the risk of material loss, enhances traceability, increases worker safety, and improves production visibility in operations.

Material and job tracking often rely on human-centric workflows and require extra steps in a process to confirm and update the status of materials or orders in progress. This extra step leaves room for errors that create additional delays and expenses over time. Eliminating the possibility of escapes or inaccuracies is important in an increasingly competitive business environment.

With Tulip’s frontline operations platform and ZeroKey’s hyper-accurate 3D positioning technology, Quantum RTLS™, a spatial map of the real-time location of material, equipment, and personnel within a space is accessible to workers via simple-to-install sensors and a Tulip app. Cart-mounted trackers automate data capture for material flow and job tracking, triggering workflows, and events, and enabling time studies in configurable apps. Another common use case involves augmenting frontline workers with worn trackers to help automate steps and provide spatial guidance, improving their efficiency and error-proofing their work.

Making processes better for frontline operations is core to the vision of both Tulip and ZeroKey. By joining forces, ZeroKey and Tulip can provide a solution for error-proofing and streamlining operator workflows while simultaneously empowering engineers and supervisors with unmatched operational visibility for more-intelligent decision-making.

“Operations are always moving and growing and often companies don’t have the data they need for tracking and traceability,” says Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip. “Being able to confidently track material or a work order across a process without any human input, and provide visual feedback – all with agility to adapt quickly – is an example of how Tulip and ZeroKey can empower workers with the right data at the right time.”

“Tulip transforms data into insights and actions to power modern business. Leveraging ZeroKey’s hyper-accurate data multiplies the value for customers with logic and insights straight from their physical operations and drives solutions to make their business more productive and safer,” says Matthew Lowe, CEO, and co-founder of ZeroKey.

To learn more about how Tulip and ZeroKey can work together, visit ZeroKey at Hannover Messe 2022, or schedule a private tour of the Tulip Experience Center.

About ZeroKey

ZeroKey is an industry leader in spatial intelligence, providing location data that is more accurate, precise, and reliable than any other technology in its class. ZeroKey’s patented technology, Quantum RTLS™, is the world’s only wide-area, 3D, millimeter-level RTLS technology that closes the IIoT utility gap in factories, warehouses, and industrial environments worldwide, including six of the largest ten major automotive OEMs. Powered by ultrasonics, Quantum RTLS™ delivers high performance and reliability at any scale with unparalleled simplicity and flexibility. With a range of trackable tags suitable for diverse applications, ZeroKey technology tracks the assets, processes, goods, and personnel critical to modern business with unprecedented resolution. Customers can unlock new levels of efficiency, operational visibility, and process elasticity. For more information, visit

About Tulip

Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies of all sizes, across industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, industrial equipment, contract manufacturing, medical devices, and others equip their frontline workforce – leading to improved productivity, and higher quality, and increased efficiency. A spinoff out of MIT, the company is headquartered in Somerville, MA, with offices in Germany, and Hungary. It has been recognized as a Challenger on the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for MES and is a World Economic Forum Global Innovator.

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