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Tulip & Vention Partner to Realize the Promise of Agile Manufacturing

Somerville, MA – Tulip and Vention have entered a partnership to bring custom shop floor solutions to manufacturers of all sizes.

Offering configurable manufacturing applications and custom equipment, the two North American startups will make it possible for diverse manufacturers of all sizes to design truly agile production lines.

Historically, truly custom manufacturing solutions have carried steep price tags and required significant integration efforts. This has meant only the largest manufacturers could afford customization.

Through their commitment to speed and flexibility, Tulip and Vention are changing this.

“The ease of use, flexibility of configuration, as well as the plug-and-play nature of our complementary solutions will create significant value for our customers” said Patrick Halde, VP Business Development at Vention. “Both companies are redefining the expectations when it comes to deploying manufacturing applications, and we look forward to working together in realizing tomorrow’s smart, connected, and flexible shop floors.”

“For a long time, there weren’t many options for SME manufacturers who needed custom technologies,” said Tulip founder and CEO Natan Linder, “Their operations are just as variable as large manufacturers, but there wasn’t the same support. We’re excited to be working with Vention to empower all manufacturers with truly custom hardware and software. We’re making it possible to build IoT manufacturing applications designed to work on a bench made specifically for your operations. The possibilities are endless.”

Tulip’s manufacturing application platform lets engineers design configurable applications for their unique processes and challenges. With Tulip, manufacturers can quickly deploy IoT-enabled applications in production settings. Vention radically simplifies the process of machine design and assembly. Their Machine Builder uses AI to help manufacturers design custom work benches, and modular parts make it simple for manufacturers to get their designs working on the shop floor.

Together, Tulip and Vention offer all manufacturers an opportunity to build smart workstations that are tailored for their lines.

You can learn more about the products available through this collaboration here.