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Tulip Opens New Munich Hub as Part of Its Ongoing Expansion in Europe

MAY 16, 2024, MUNICH, DE — Tulip Interfaces, a global leader in frontline operations, announced the Grand Opening of its new office and Tulip Experience Center (TEC) yesterday and today in a two-day event in Munich, Germany. The company marked the occasion with an event attended by one hundred industry experts, customers, and partners from across Europe.

Tulip has been active in Europe since its founding in 2014, partnering with leading manufacturers like DMG MORI and Richemont to drive digital transformation at global scale. The Munich office provides a base for Tulip’s continued growth into the European manufacturing ecosystem, as demand for human-centric and composable solutions across industries accelerates.

“When choosing the new office location, we considered cities with a thriving innovation scene, strong technical universities, and a community of technology partners and established manufacturers that share our vision and mission to transform manufacturing,” said Natan Linder, Co-founder and CEO of Tulip. “Munich was a natural choice.”

Home to a growing team of commercial, product, and engineering experts, the Munich office features a Tulip Experience Center (TEC) where visitors can engage with the Tulip platform through interactive demos. These demos showcase the latest in human-centric technology for frontline operations, including Tulip’s Frontline Copilot, as well as integrations with multiple technology partners.

“The discussions at our Grand Opening event revealed that manufacturers know change is here. The leaders in European manufacturing over the next decade will be those that adopt a human-centric approach, empower their frontline workers, and leverage the ecosystem to revolutionize their production. Everyone else is already behind,” said Linder.

“My team takes a user-centric approach that uses lean, digital tools, and design thinking to harmonize like processes across our 12 global sites while empowering local teams to identify problems and recommend solutions to unique site-specific challenges,” said Daniele Iacovelli, SVP – Global Head of Digital, AI & Operations Excellence, Pharma Technical Operations, Roche. “This approach to operational excellence is both top-down and bottom-up and is focused on maximizing business value and avoiding wasted efforts on many low-value initiatives. With a tool like Tulip, it allows us to combine these business objectives with the solutions-focused viewpoint of the shop floor.”

Iacovelli’s discussion with Linder was one of seven content sessions held during the event.

Tulip will also celebrate the Grand Opening of its second European office and Experience Center in Budapest on June 4.


Tulip, a leader in frontline operations, is helping companies of all sizes and across industries, including complex manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, equip their workforce with connected apps — leading to higher quality work, improved efficiency, and end-to-end traceability across operations. A spinoff out of MIT, the company is headquartered in Somerville, MA, with offices in Germany and Hungary.

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