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Tulip introduces a Cloud Manufacturing Execution System powered by AWS

A cloud-native solution for manufacturing enterprises to digitalize their operations with speed and at scale.

SOMERVILLE, MA - December 1, 2022

Today, Tulip announced the launch of the Cloud Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in AWS Solutions Library, a resource for vetted solutions and guidance for business and technical use cases from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Manufacturing operations are becoming more complex and companies are turning to cloud-based MES deployments to enable flexibility, scalability, and reliability over on-premise deployment. Using Cloud MES, companies gain increased accessibility to data from anywhere, at any time. This eliminates data silos, provides real-time information to personnel globally, and increases productivity.

“The future of MES is on the cloud,” said Jason Dietrich, Head of Commercial at Tulip. “With Tulip and AWS, customers can transform their operation with a right-sized Cloud MES solution with a lower total cost of ownership. Tulip’s platform enables companies to adopt a composable MES solution, while AWS provides the real-time data accessibility, dynamic scalability, and reliability critical for adopting a cloud-based MES.”

Cloud-native from day one, Tulip’s architecture is designed to scale and is highly extensible – enabling companies to create technology stacks with connections with other systems and the physical world. With no-code capabilities, Tulip expands the democratization of technology where legacy machines, applications, artificial intelligence-driven computer vision, and more can be managed within an intuitive environment.

“One of the reasons we choose Tulip was speed. Traditional systems take months. With Tulip, we got the same outcome in 85% less time", said a VP of Operations Engineering and Technology at Ultra Clean Technology, "that’s a huge amount of time saved for our employees who are suffering and need improvement today.”

“With this next-gen cloud approach system, we have significantly reduced non-value added tasks and greatly improved our traceability, better reflecting the physical world,” said a Head of Manufacturing at a Luxury Goods Manufacturer. “It is super easy to deploy Tulip without having to install a new server and we don’t have any problems with availability – everything is backed up and managed by the Tulip team.”

“With Cloud MES, customers experience all the benefits of a traditional MES – with the agility, scalability, and security of AWS, allowing for a faster-time-to-value,” said Grant Bodley, GM Industrials & Manufacturing at Amazon Web Services (AWS), “Tulip’s cloud-native architecture coupled with its composable apps-based approach aligns well with our vision of a modern MES that provides value chain transparency and actionable insights as well as supports an open data architecture to drive our customer’s smart manufacturing transformation initiatives.”

Tulip‘s Cloud Manufacturing Execution System (MES) package is available in AWS Solutions Library now.

About Tulip

Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies of all sizes and across industries, including complex manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices equip their workforce with connected apps – leading to higher quality work, improved efficiency, and end-to-end traceability across operations. A spinoff out of MIT, the company is headquartered in Somerville, MA, with offices in Germany, and Hungary.

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