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Newly Available Tulip Edge Device Gives Powerful Insights into Operations with Minimal Setup

The Edge IO, now available for purchase, offers advanced connectivity options and performance — all while being cost-effective and accessible for teams without automation experience.

BOSTON, MA - February 17, 2022 - Tulip announced the general availability of the Edge IO, a new edge device that brings machine and device connectivity into the hands of engineers. The Edge IO allows engineers to securely connect to networked machines without depending on IT, use sensors to collect data from stranded or proprietary machines, and add sensors and devices to apps for frontline operators.

Rather than rely on external consultants, vendors, or IT, engineers can set up devices on their own quickly with the Edge IO’s intuitive setup processes and onboard tools for transforming sensor and machine data at the edge. With Edge IO, teams can integrate data from devices, machines, PLCs, and sensors with industrial I/O ports and USB connectivity into Tulip to display in dashboards, to use as inputs in applications, or to push into other systems integrated with the platform.

Protolabs, a company specializing in custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, leverages Edge IOs to connect to stranded machines. “We’ve had great success with connecting a large set of our machines to Tulip – reducing scrap by 53%, increasing the capacity of production, and reducing response times [by] using real-time insights and alerts,” said Alex Klick, Sr Manufacturing Engineer. “We wanted to replicate this success with our analog injection molding machines and the Edge IO allowed us to get these machines “online” quickly and easily.”

Unlike other devices on the market, the Edge IO natively supports powerful, high-speed current and vibration measurement, enabling engineers to monitor stranded and proprietary machines in the cloud. Networked machines and equipment can be connected to Tulip through the Edge IO’s OPC UA support or with Node-RED onboard the device. Connector Hosts on Tulip’s edge devices let customers securely connect their data and systems to Tulip without extensive IT assistance.

With the Edge IO, engineers can incorporate data from devices, machines, PLCs, and sensors into apps through industrial I/O ports and USB connectivity. The Edge IO can be connected directly with an external monitor and run as a complete workstation, bringing Tulip apps to operators.

The Edge IO is available for purchase today through the Tulip website or directly from a member of our sales team.

About Tulip Interfaces

Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies around the world equip their frontline workforce – leading to improved productivity, higher quality, and increased efficiency across their operations. With Tulip’s no-code platform, companies can empower those closest to operations to digitally transform processes, guide frontline workers, and gain real-time visibility into the people, tools, machines, and processes involved -- all in a matter of days.