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Tulip & The World Economic Forum Announce The New England Advanced Manufacturing Hub

DAVOS – In partnership with the World Economic Forum Tulip is proud to announce its role as a founding member of the newly formed New England Advanced Manufacturing Hub (AMHUB), a cross-industry consortium aimed at collaboration within New England’s manufacturing community.

“New England is the premier advanced manufacturing zone in the world, filled with both enterprise and startup level companies pushing the boundaries of what is possible. But there are systemic issues in the way that industry is organized and distributed, and significant holes still remain in our labor force,” said Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip. “The New England AMHUB will address these issues, creating a platform for industry, startups, academia, and government to come together and leverage new technologies to move forward.”

The New England AMHUB will tackle a member-driven agenda. Initial topics include workforce reskilling, the Industrial Internet of Things, manufacturing apps, robotics, cybersecurity, additive manufacturing and advanced materials, sustainability and policy design. The consortium will work together to find ways for these enabling technologies to make the region’s manufacturers more competitive while empowering the local workforce and connecting local innovation with the World Economic Forum’s global network.

The World Economic Forum’s Network of AMHUB was launched in 2018 and provides a unique platform for local manufacturing communities to connect globally and share best practice and lessons learned. The network counts on 6 hubs – Basque Region, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Lombardy and Michigan – and is expected to reach a total of 20 by the end of 2020. “We’re thrilled to welcome New England into the network and we look forward to working together with Tulip and other key players to help position New England as the world leading State for manufacturing innovation.” said Francisco Betti, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Production, World Economic Forum.

Tulip looks forward to driving the New England AMHUB forward in 2020.