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Tulip Announces Built-In Data Integrity and Security for Zero Data Loss in Case of a Disaster

BOSTON, MA - February 14th, 2022 - Today, Tulip announced a multi-tenant solution for Zero Recovery Point Objective (0-RPO), allowing customers to store operations data with minimal data loss risk in the event of a disaster. Although it is critical for all frontline operations, this functionality is a first of its kind for Electronic Batch Records (eBR) and Electronic Digital History Records (eDHR) without reliance on 3rd-party software or expensive hardware components.

In the event of a system failure, there is a risk of significant data loss for companies when proper safeguards are not in place. For those operating in GxP environments, operations data including electronic records are mission-critical and any data loss can be extremely costly. The shorter the time between data recovery points and the more quickly the systems are recovered, the less data is at risk of being lost.

“For decades, GxP-regulated companies have resorted to expensive solutions to secure their data, including reducing the times between recovery points and storing duplicates of electronic records in two different physical locations,” said Jason Dietrich, Head of Commercial Operations at Tulip and 25-year veteran of the manufacturing industry. “With Tulip’s approach, you can accomplish this without the cost of adding software or hardware layers to supplement the architecture.”

Leveraging its multi-tenant cloud architecture, Tulip has developed a way of achieving minimal data loss and rapid recovery. Duplicate databases in multiple availability zones and incremental backups speed up the restoration of operations and make point-in-time recovery possible.

This feature is available to Tulip Customers with the Enterprise package and is compatible with Tulip Public Cloud and Tulip Customer Cloud. Zero RPO is a last line of defense, adding to a robust security offering for Tulip customers.

Released quarterly, the long-term support (LTS) releases are qualified and ready for validation. LTS releases always feature large improvements for Tulip customers operating in GxP environments while maintaining the behavior of existing customer apps. This 7th LTS release of Tulip also features additional improvements for faster time-to-value, as well as enhanced security and scalability.

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