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Tulip Is Proud To Recognize Marc Nash Of Outset Medical For His Leadership & Innovation In Digital Manufacturing

February 25, 2021, SOMERVILLE, MA – Today, Tulip awarded the first winners of the Groundbreakers Awards programs at the virtual event, Next-Gen Manufacturing: The Rise of the Citizen Developer. Marc Nash of Outset Medical is the first recipient of the Golden Bulb award.

The Golden Bulb recognizes executive leaders who support and enable digital transformation and innovation in manufacturing. Award winners are lights to the organizations they serve and stand out as leaders amongst their peers across the industry.

According to Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip, Marc was chosen because “Marc embodies what this award represents. When you consider the needs of the frontline and design a system that both helps them be their best and support necessary governance and controls, great things happen. Facilitating this type of innovation is what Tulip is all about. I’m proud to spotlight Marc’s achievements.”

Marc is recognized for his efforts championing an innovative approach for electronic device history records (eDHR) and reimagining MES at a new Outset Medical facility. Marc’s vision, coupled with Outset Medical’s commitment to technological and operational excellence in their facilities, resulted in a 5-month design and successful implementation of the new system, from concept to manufacturing readiness for product and facility launch. A timeline that is practically unheard of in the industry. From the award committee’s perspective, Marc is a model for success in digital transformation and innovation in manufacturing. These efforts establish Outset Medical as a lighthouse facility, and Marc as a notable leader, amongst peers and competitors.

Erik Mirandette, Head of Customer Operations, Tulip remarks, “The Golden Bulb was one of our most competitive categories this year, and including Marc in our winning cohort was an easy choice. This past year, Marc was responsible for standing up an operation to manufacture a disruptive new technology. Marc ensured a culture of quality, excellence, and innovation. He is fundamentally reinventing the ways in which their frontline teams work. His efforts empower his team, and ensure the workers on the frontline have the information and tools they need to operate at their best while putting in place controls that guarantee that every product is built according to the highest standards.”

During his acceptance speech, Marc Nash said, “I want to thank Tulip and the individuals that nominated me for this Golden Bulb Award. Setting up a factory can be difficult, but by leveraging technology like Tulip and implementing strategies of Manufacturing 4.0 not only made it easier to set up the facility but is going to help us with scalability today and in the future.”

Tulip introduced the Groundbreakers Awards in early 2021 to recognize individuals who enable change through new solutions in their operations. Tulip received dozens of nominations for the awards. In addition to the Golden Bulb award, the Groundbreakers Awards also recognized five Golden Blueprints, who map the way for systems innovation in their organization, and nine Golden Shovels, who are the ones breaking ground to build solutions for their organizations.

The Groundbreakers Awards will continue to recognize groundbreakers and celebrate their achievements on an annual basis.

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