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Tulip Opens Interactive Experience Center for Frontline Operations at Assembly Row Near Boston

The Tulip Experience Center is a 15,000 sqft facility that showcases the latest technology in frontline operations with joint demonstrations with DMG Mori, Cognex, and Stanley Black and Decker.

APRIL 15, 2021, SOMERVILLE, MA - Earlier this week, Tulip opened its state-of-the-art solutions lab and demo space, the Tulip Experience Center, at its new global headquarters at Assembly Row in Somerville. Built on the grounds of a former Ford assembly plant, the Experience Center pays homage to the area’s deep manufacturing history. It features interactive demos of the latest technology for frontline operations — including augmented workflows, robotics, hands-free headsets, computer vision, and edge connectivity.

The Experience Center aims to inspire engineers and operations leaders looking to equip their workers with the latest technology for a more human-centric approach to frontline operations. Visitors will be able to explore 20+ demos built by Tulip with DMG Mori, Cognex, Wandelbots, Stanley Black and Decker, RealWear, Vention, Formlabs, Rexroth by Bosch, ZeroKey, and Software Defined Automation. Each integrated demo showcases the openness, extensibility, and flexibility of using Tulip and the integrated solution together.

Highlights of integrated demonstrations include

  • Yo-yo assembly, tracking, and inspection demo with Cognex cameras and vision capabilities shows how to guide workers and automate tracking – eliminating potential mistakes and boosting productivity.
  • Guided RC car picking and assembly demo with Wandelbots’ robot arm shows how collaborative robots can help increase efficiency and make work more satisfying by reducing physical and mental loads during monotonous jobs.
  • Hands-free batch process workflow with RealWear shows how guided apps on a headset and connected devices can allow someone to complete and properly document a task in a glove box without requiring assistance.
  • Full-loop optimization with SDA’s virtual PLC shows how you could combine Tulip’s native edge connectivity with the Edge IO and SDA’s vPLCs on VMware Edge Compute Stack to create full-loop operations optimization.
  • Quality inspection with Stanley Black and Decker shows how they standardized and implemented best-in-class quality inspection apps across 100+ of their facilities to ensure control over their quality process.
  • Spindle line assembly and inspection with DMG Mori shows how they increased production visibility, product quality, and worker efficiency with operator augmentation and workflow automation.

“Our focus is on showing what is possible when you focus on human-centric solutions for frontline operations,” said Erik Mirandette, Head of Product and Ecosystems at Tulip. “This space pushes the boundaries of what is possible when incorporating new technology, such as computer vision, machine learning, custom widgets, headsets, collaborative robots, trackers, and vPLCs, into these solutions.”

“Our founding team came from the MIT Media Lab — where we lived by the ethos of ‘learning by doing,’ everything you will see in the Tulip Experience Center — is based on real-world scenarios that we have encountered in factories, labs, warehouses, and machine shops,” said Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip at the Grand Opening event.

Visitors can tour the Tulip Experience Center during the next open house event or by requesting private tours at

About Tulip

Tulip, the leader in frontline operations, is helping companies equip their frontline workforce – leading to improved productivity, higher quality, and increased efficiency. A spinoff out of MIT, the company is headquartered in Somerville, MA, with offices in the UK, Germany, and Hungary. It has been recognized as an MES Challenger on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Frost and Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the year, and a World Economic Forum Global Innovator.

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