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Connected Workstations as Unique as Your Lines

Smart work stations designed specifically for your operations. Ergonomic, sensor-rich, app-ready — a more agile way to run your operations.

Tulip & Vention

Tulip is the premier platform for companies looking to digitally transform their operations. Companies across industries can download configurable applications, and start connecting assets and digitizing processes without code or complex system integrations.

Tulip and Vention Agile Manufacturing Workshop Webinar

Join industry experts Saul Lustgarten, Head of Product Management, from Tulip and Patrick Halde, Chief Business Development Officer, from Vention, as they look at how to boost productivity and ramp up production with digital tools for business lines and front-line manufacturing staff.

How We Work Together

  • Custom Workstations

    Use Vention to design custom equipment in minutes with Vention’s machine builder, and Tulip to develop apps to track word orders and guide assemblies.

  • Fast, Customizable, Modular Bench Design

    Smart Cloud-CAD accelerates design time. Choose from hundreds of modular parts for custom applications—and 24-hour delivery means all designs ship next day/

  • Create apps that support your unique processes

    Integrated, natively IoT connected apps connect humans, machines, and sensors involved in your operations. Track performance in real time, and adapt to feedback and changing conditions with Tulip’s no code capabilities and web based app editor.

Become a Partner

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