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Enabling Full-Loop Optimization with Edge and vPLC technology

With openness, flexibility, and extensibility at their cores, both SDA and Tulip democratize the industrial space by making it easy to configure their solutions to a unique situation and update real-time industrial controls in a programmatic way when operations change.

Tulip & SDA

Both Tulip and Software Defined Automation are committed to optimizing operations by reducing the complexity of existing systems and improving security with self-optimizing technology. Today, companies mainly rely on hardware PLCs and require highly specialized automation engineers trained for a vendor’s specific technology stack to set up and reprogram PLCs. Often this leads to ultimately opting out of automation altogether. Tulip and SDA are introducing a way for companies to set up and adjust automation systems with virtual PLCs on Tulip edge hardware - as easy as cloud applications while maintaining high-performance real-time behavior.

Using Tulip Edge IO as a PLC

Together with Tulip, we bring real-time control back to the hands of frontline workers. It has never been easier to integrate with automated systems--with the press of a button real-time control loops running on Tulip’s Edge IO can be set up and altered from any Tulip application.

Josef Watlt Founder and CEO, Software Defined Automation

How We Work Together

  • Virtual PLCs

    State-of-the-art virtualization technology is combined with a real-time virtual PLC runtime and controlled in the cloud to update and deploy logic with a 10ms response time.

  • Advanced Edge Connectivity

    The Tulip Edge IO device supports powerful high-speed current and vibration measurement, enabling engineers to monitor stranded equipment in the cloud. With Edge IO, engineers can incorporate data from devices, machines, PLCs, and sensors into apps through industrial I/O ports and USB connectivity.

  • Full-Loop Factory Optimization

    Combining vPLCs with Edge IO creates a closed-loop monitoring system, enabling engineers to use Tulip apps to deploy updated logic programs through the cloud while monitoring their industrial equipment in real-time.

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