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Empowering workers with wearable biometric authentication

Users can login and e-Sign into Tulip apps with a tap of their Nymi Band™ - a next-gen biometric authentication solution that removes password headache for operators and keeps organizations compliant

Tulip & Nymi

The integration between Tulip and Nymi provides a secure and efficient way to meet compliance requirements for e-signatures in manufacturing systems. Tulip’s apps simplify complex manufacturing processes. Nymi fortifies the authentication layer so that operators can enjoy password-less, contact-less, and hands-free workflows - even through PPE. Together, Tulip and Nymi support security and compliance throughout your manufacturing ecosystem.

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Our partnership extends the frontier for worker satisfaction and operational efficiency in compliance-driven environments with complex security requirements.

David Fortune SVP of Field Operations at Nymi

How We Work Together

  • Secure Authentication

    Nymi provides secure biometric authentication within your Tulip ecosystem.

  • Meet Compliance Requirements

    Tulip with Nymi delivers a compliant solution that saves time on signatures and improves the operator experience.

  • Contactless Workflows

    Nymi sends Tulip intent-based gestures which enable intuitive, contactless workflows.

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