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Partner Spotlight: Tulip & Netsuite

Simple, smart, scalable MES for high tech, industrial products, food, and life sciences

Tulip & Netsuite

Tulip simplifies shop floor operations with ready-to-use apps that leverage Netsuite work order, BOM, routings, and inventory to digitize traceability, quality, and data collection from devices. Tulip also supports label printing and connects to machines to report downtime and tracks labor for accurate job costing and utilization metrics.

Tulip apps also run on tablets and smartphones to give instant visibility to WIP and operational bottlenecks to improve productivity and quality.

Tulip’s no-code apps, IoT-enabled edge devices, and instant connectivity to Netsuite make it a one-stop partner for Netsuite customers wanting to speed up and digitize all aspects of their shop floor operations.

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Operators reviewing work order data on a tablet

“Being able to track our production labor time has allowed us to more accurately price our products. We truly know our blended cost average rate for the amount of minutes it takes to assemble a product”

Charles Brill Co-founder and Managing Partner, RBW

Tulip in action

  • Netsuite Ready

    Tulip’s Netsuite connector is an intuitive, simple way to connect the shop floor to back-end inventory, planning, GL and SuiteAnalytics using pre-built Netsuite RESTlets that pull work orders, BOM automatically and updates Netsuite with orders status, material issue, labor and transactional data to update GL.

  • Guided Workflows

    Tulip’s user-friendly apps speed up onboarding and training of new employees with dynamic work instructions rich with images, videos and 3D CAD at the scan of a barcode. Tulip apps can also use vision, foot pedals and break-beams to streamline assembly and machining operations by digitizing a traveler and dramatically improving productivity while reducing errors. Tulip also supports quality inspections, printing/labeling, pack/ship and maintenance operations by guiding operators and updating Netsuite in real time.

  • Simplifying OEE and IoT

    Tulip democratizes the edge with machine connectivity made simple to measure utilization of machines to drive real-time insights on how to improve productivity. Tulip’s edge devices also enable near instant-on connectivity to devices like printers, scales, measurement tools, etc. to support real time data collection that enable continuous improvement of your operations.

Operator using Tulip Digital Work Instructions App

Case Study

RBW is a fast-growing, high-tech innovator in the lighting industry and a Netsuite customer looking to improve productivity, reduce cycle times, reduce human error and achieve their lead time goals.

Tulip was exactly what RBW was looking for: an affordable execution system (MES) and self-sufficiency to support their growing demand and leverage their investment in Netsuite.

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