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Streamlined Asset Health Monitoring

Litmus allows you to easily collect, store and visualize machine data that can be translated by Tulip into necessary actions and escalations.

Tulip & Litmus

Litmus and Tulip’s partnership offers an efficient machinery integration and data contextualization solution. Leveraging Litmus' comprehensive pre-built driver/protocol library, connecting machines to Tulip’s platform is seamless and optimized. This integration enables edge-level contextualization. The resultant data can be easily transmitted to Tulip to translate this information into actionable, data-driven insights.

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Litmus unlocks usable data from the bonds of data silos and legacy systems in industrial assets, while Tulip empowers the newly structured information for impactful cost and revenue decisions. This partnership brings these two powerful forces together, leading the OT and IT convergence in industry 4.0

Harry Grewal Director of Partnerships at Litmus

How We Work Together

  • Industrial Asset Management

    Litmus simplifies connecting disparate assets to Tulip through their wide variety of pre-built drivers and their protocol library.

  • Real-time Quality Analytics

    Litmus can contextualize data at the Edge and help reduce the amount of data sent to Tulip via their Edge Analytics, allowing necessary data to be sent to Tulip in real-time for impactful decision making.

  • Machine Health Monitoring

    Machines health status can be sent to Tulip via Litmus, allowing Tulip to provide real time operator feedback of machine performance.

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