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Transform Your Operational Efficiency with Computer Vision

Landing AI and Tulip bring the power of computer vision (CV) to your frontline operations on a no-code/low code data-centric platform

Tulip & LandingAI

Landing AI, combined with Tulip, simplifies computer vision modeling, providing quality model creation in a no/low-code environment. Machine learning can be complicated to deploy. Landing AI paired with Tulip takes the complexity out of bringing machine learning to your frontline operations. The LandingLens platform provides full democratization of computer vision, from classification, segmentation, object detection, visual prompting and OCR, is now accessible by all, irrespective of your background.

How We Work Together

  • Automated Quality Management

    Tulip and Landing AI integrate to track the status of all your digitized quality processes in one place.

  • Defect Tracking

    Landing AI tracks defects that can be ingested into Tulip to help you get started tracking defects within your workflows.

  • Machine Learning Modeling

    LandingLens models within a Tulip app makes machine learning efficient and simple.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip.

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