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Streamline Your Torque Assembly Process with Kolver and Tulip

Take advantage of plug-and-play connectivity between your Kolver equipment and Tulip.

Tulip & Kolver

Kolver’s state-of-the-art torque drivers have all the features you need to streamline your assembly process, from deploying a new line on your floor to live-monitoring production. But it can be difficult to tie this functionality into your existing workflows. With Tulip, this is no longer the case: users can leverage all the latest capabilities of your torque tools, and seamlessly integrate them with the rest of your modern factory devices and software.

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Kolver and Tulip work in synergy to help operations leaders accelerate the deployment of new production lines with streamlined assembly traceability

Dan Smith Kolver VP Americas

How We Work Together

  • Quality Assurance

    As an assembler torques a bolt pattern with a Kolver tool, Tulip records measurements at all bolts and forwards them to QMS or report.

  • Dynamic Work Instructions

    An operator needs to work on different builds throughout their shift. Tulip automatically loads the correct program on the Kolver controller for the part to be assembled, and visually guides the assembly screw-by-screw with live feedback from the Kolver controller. When the Kolver tool detects a fastening error, Tulip alerts the operator and can automatically begin a correction workflow. Tulip can also enable and disable the Kolver tool based on input from other connected devices such as light-guided part trays, force sensors, smart scanners, and more.

  • Traceability

    Tulip and Kolver collaborate to provide real-time torque and angle data, which can be integrated to a QMS for direct path-to-data. With Kolver K-Ducer controllers, this can include high-resolution torque-vs-angle and torque-vs-time data series and graphs for each individual tightening, facilitating in-depth root cause analysis of defects.

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