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Mission Critical AI for Electronics Manufacturing

Tulip and Instrumental partner to offer advanced computer vision and root-cause analysis for complex electronics assembly into your frontline operations

Tulip & Instrumental

Instrumental's integration with Tulip offers out-of-the-box AI visual quality control and failure analysis tools for mission-critical and complex electronics manufacturing. Instrumental gives quality, operations, and engineering teams an easy way to automate visual inspection with live pass/fail results and powerful root-cause analysis tools allowing Tulip to integrate enhanced quality assurance across your ecosystem.

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Tulip and Instrumental have aligned visions for manufacturing: to leverage data and computer intelligence to optimize manufacturing processes throughout the product lifecycle. We’re excited to combine forces with Tulip to enable electronics manufacturers to improve their operations with real-time AI-powered anomaly detection and failure analysis tools – improving yields, margins, and on-time delivery.

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky CEO and Founder, Instrumental

How We Work Together

  • Improve Margins and Production Yield

    Quickly dive into the stations and tests causing you to miss your yield goals by exploring trends and shifts. Set up alerts for Statistical Process Control (SPC) violations to proactively identify drifts and shifts before they impact yield and your bottom line.

  • Ensure Zero Escapes

    Identify previously unknown defects in your development or production process by training our AI with just 30 images of your product. Then ensure no defects escape your production line by setting up live pass/fail tests on your assembly line to intercept them.

  • Hit NPI Schedules

    Meet deadlines by discovering novel issues, verifying assembly processes, and performing faster root cause analysis.

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