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Transforming Device Data to Actionable Insights

Tulip and HiveMQ integrate to collect, consolidate, and contextualize data from across your factory floor into meaningful insights.

Tulip & HiveMQ

HiveMQ and Tulip partner to consolidate and contextualize data from factory machine systems and applications into actionable insights. HiveMQ's full-featured platform connects diverse systems, centralizing data in a unified namespace for secure management, enrichment, cleansing, and sharing. The platform offers a scalable and reliable method to create a single source of truth for manufacturing data that can then be efficiently sent to cloud-native environments like Tulip for creating dashboards and analytics.

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HiveMQ is pleased to partner with Tulip to help manufacturers digitally transform by harnessing the power of their industrial data. The HiveMQ MQTT platform is the most trusted in the industry, scalable to millions of connections, and secure by design, making it the ideal solution for creating a central hub for industrial data. Customers can send that data to Tulip seamlessly to put it to use for advanced analytics and operational improvement.

Dominik Obermaier CTO & Co-Founder at HiveMQ

How We Work Together

  • Machine Throughput Monitoring

    The shop floor productivity dashboard effortlessly collects and visualizes equipment productivity data, including uptime, throughput, and quality, with configurable notifications for timely responses across the entire machine fleet.

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

    Collect data from any factory system, identify failure bottlenecks, and configure notifications to allow timely immediate action.

  • Real Customer Impact

    IIoT customers have experienced up to 50% reduction in machine downtime through monitoring, alerting, and advanced analytics for improved ROI. These increases in machine throughput have resulted in up to 30% ROI for customers.

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