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Streamlining Data Flows Across Your Frontline Operations Systems

Tulip and HighByte collaborate to accelerate data connection for enterprise-level insights without manual integration.

Tulip & HighByte

HighByte Intelligence Hub is a DataOps application built for industrial data, deployed at the edge. The Intelligence Hub delivers modeled, ready-to-use data from any asset or system to the Cloud, using a codeless interface to speed integration time and accelerate analytics. With the Intelligence Hub, data engineers can merge machine data, transactional data, and time series (historical) data from a variety of edge data sources into a single payload and standardize and contextualize information models in real time.

The Intelligence Hub reduces the data engineering effort required to move data across the Tulip ecosystem at scale. The integration with Tulip enables organizations to view detailed drill-downs into scrap root causes, achieve unparalleled visibility into production data, and accelerate and simplify data collection to unlock enterprise-level insights with a low-code solution. The Intelligence Hub seamlessly integrates with Tulip utilizing the REST Data Server and REST Client connectivity available with HighByte Intelligence Hub.

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We are excited to partner with Tulip, the leading Frontline Operations Platform in the industry. Together, we are defining the modern industrial application architecture and ensuring our customers enjoy a best-in-class experience with both solutions.

John Harrington HighByte Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

How We Work Together

  • Quality Deep Dive

    Enable detailed drill-down into scrap root causes. HighByte Intelligence Hub synthesizes machine data, test results, and other sources, then combines data with operator inputs from Tulip to unlock scrap root cause analysis.

  • Enterprise-level insights

    Gain unparalleled visibility into production data. The Intelligence Hub combines Tulip-connected app data with machine data from an array of protocols including MQTT, OPC, Modbus, and CSV files. The combined data is contextualized and delivered to analytics solutions and dashboard systems such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

  • Production Visibility

    Unlock data containing insights into enterprise performance. The Intelligence Hub combines data from MES, ERP, and other business systems with Tulip-connected app data to enable publishing to enterprise data platforms, such as AWS, Snowflake, and Azure, for enterprise-level insights.

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