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Enhancing Data Sharing and Communication Between Design Teams and Manufacturers

Tulip and Duro partner to create visibility between design engineers and manufacturing.

Tulip & Duro

Tulip integrates with Duro’s Product Lifecycle management (PLM) platform to enable more seamless data sharing between design teams and manufacturers. Duro makes accessing and centralizing your product-related data easier, including sourcing, eBOMs, revisioning and product documentation. All of that data can be sent to your Tulip environment, reducing errors and inefficiencies when sharing information between teams.

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Engineering and manufacturing teams contend with data silos and dispersed work environments. Transferring data is often time-consuming and error-prone. The partnership between Duro and Tulip addresses these concerns. Integrating Duro's Product Lifecycle Management platform with Tulip ensures a smooth transition from design to production. We're excited about helping engineering and manufacturing teams better collaborate through this alliance.

Michael Corr CEO & Co-Founder at Duro

How We Work Together

  • Deep Dive Into Bill of Materials

    Inspect details for all of your components,verifying pricing, lead times, and stock levels. Full sourcing transparency enables engineers to make informed decisions and speed up time to market. Once a product is ready for production, you can automatically synchronize the BOM into Tulip for accurate manufacturing.

  • Change Order Visibility

    Streamline change orders with Duro by ensuring stakeholders have the right data to approve design updates. Then, push those changes to Tulip to ensure the manufacturing team has the latest design revision.

  • Efficient Workflows

    Simplify product tracking and process management with efficient workflows that provide visibility in all relevant product-related data. Make sure every team has the latest information on the BOM and gets important change notifications. Trace back built products to design in case of an error.

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