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Next Generation ERP connectivity with Low Touch SAP Integration

Tulip and Bow&Stern provide an integration that enables businesses to connect between SAP and Tulip applications. A configurable, Drag&Drop and reusable solution to run End to End business processes.

Tulip and Bow & Stern

Tulip and Bow&Stern collaborate to promote an advanced Top Floor (SAP) to Shop Floor (Tulip) business process integration.

Frontline Operations that can access SAP information, executes orders and responses with production reporting transactions resulting in increased collaboration between all operational business units.

Tulip and Bow&Stern understand that SAP integration is a basic capability for any manufacturer. Integrating the two should be easy, quick and at low cost. A flexible, simple and future proof solution will allow frontline operations to focus on adoption of advanced capabilities knowing that SAP business information is available to Tulip applications.

How We Work Together

  • Enable End to End Process Integration

    Promote synergy between business units by run your manufacturing business processes and breaking up traditional information silos

  • Simple, Flexible and Future Proof

    SAP teams are busier than ever in transformation projects. LTSI allows to connect to SAP with minimum effort to one or multiple SAP instances. SAP functional and data model changes are also adopted and modified without delay.

  • Simple to Configuration

    Using Low Touch SAP Integration enables Tulip app builders to connect their apps to SAP in a simple and straightforward fashion. It is SAP Integration democratization in practice.

Digitally transform your operations with Tulip.

See how systems of connected apps enable agile operations.

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