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Industrial Indication and Control for Pick-to-Light and Sensors

Tulip and Banner integrate to provide improved instruction, feedback, and tracking to frontline workers

Tulip & Banner

Tulip and Banner integrate to streamline bin picking. The context and process information known by Tulip can be leveraged to a fuller extent with the real-time feedback to operators with Banner's Pick-to-Light. Banner’s device connectivity hardware allows for extended connections across protocol like IO-Link, previously unserved by Tulip.

How We Work Together

  • Bin-Picking Simplified

    Leveraging Banner's pick-to-light system, process information by Tulip can be translated into easy to follow user guidance

  • Sensor Integration

    Banner’s sensor products expand the capabilities of the Tulip platform through easy-to-use converters

  • Real-time Tracking

    As inventory changes through the process, Tulip can receive responses from Banner to track inventory changes

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