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Intelligent Actions for Manufacturers

Arch's rich data and insights combined with Tulip's frontline operations platform enhance topfloor and shopfloor data-driven decision-making and efficiency through customized applications, KPIs, and integrated data solutions for optimal site performance.

Tulip & Arch Systems

Arch and Tulip partner to enhance industrial operations by integrating Arch's rich machine data advanced analytics with Tulip's human-centric frontline operations platform. This collaboration enables seamless data flow between systems, enriching real-time decision-making and operational efficiency. By combining Arch's deep insights with Tulip's flexible application platform, the partnership aims to optimize site performance and drive intelligent, data-driven strategies at a global scale, revolutionizing the approach to industrial management.

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We're excited for this opportunity to partner with Tulip to complement their impressive best-in-class frontline operator applications and enable topfloor decision makers with organizational understanding and guidance with the prebuilt solution of rich machine data and deep insights only Arch can provide. This junction promises to empower both operators and executives with the actionable intelligence and tools necessary for improved outcomes.

Andrew Scheuermann CEO of Arch Systems

How We Work Together

  • Rich Machine Analytic Data Tables

    Arch collects rich data from machines and runs analytics models to create insights. Both direct rich machine data as well as insightful data post-analytics can be loaded into Tulip tables. This enables sites to build any app they want and enhance the Tulip experience with rich sources of data and analytics not previously available from any integration. Sites with higher levels of automation and more machines can particularly benefit.

  • Arch Pre-Built Insights As Custom Widgets

    Arch provides pre-built insights for the shopfloor as widgets in Tulip. These are available to customers out of the box and are often preferred when more complex data and analytics are involved. Custom widgets can allow Arch to embed insights into Tulip so operators can mix data and flow from their Tulip applications with Arch data to better optimize for their specific use cases.

  • Engagement Data for Global KPIs

    Arch normalizes and standardizes data from disparate sources to distill translatable, standard KPIs and insights for top-floor leaders to understand their operations. With operator engagement-powered data from Tulip stations, Arch can normalize and standardize data across different sites to provide insights on labor utilization and machine utilization to guide efficiency-related decisions. Some customers may use Arch as a “headless BI” to enable data mapping and normalization between Tulip’s frontline operations platform and standard corporate reporting and insights.

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