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Product screenshot of configuration of AI trigger actions in frontline copilot
Platform Update

AI Trigger Actions with Frontline Copilot™

As one of the first beta features of the Frontline Copilot™, Release 263 brings AI trigger actions to this core part of the platform. Frontline Copilot™ trigger actions allow users to build AI powered apps that let operators chat with documents, translate text, and more.

Product screenshot of configuration of the speech to text widget in the app editor
Platform Update

Speech-to-Text Widget with Frontline Copilot™

Release 264 introduces another new beta feature to Frontline Copilot™, the Speech-to-Text widget. This widget can be added to apps to generate real-time transcriptions of spoken audio into text inputs in Tulip.

Promotional graphic for december 6th webinar with landing ai
Upcoming Webinar

Upcoming Webinar: Transform Your Manufacturing Assembly Process With AI

On December 6th, join Roey Mechrez, Head of AI at Tulip, and Carl Lewis, Sr. Partnership Director at Landing AI to discover how you can enhance your processes, such as kitting, shipping, and packaging, by developing an end-to-end vision solution.

screenshot of variable editor
Community Post

Show and Tell: Reuse Checkbox Variables Across Steps

Check out this trick from a Tulip user to streamline variable creation for app checklists.

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